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Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter… adventure & nature take the lead on a mountain vacation Powdery soft sand meets its match in the glistening white snow of mountain ranges. Winter brings the opportunity to experience exhilaration at its purest... whipping downhill on a steep trail with the crisp air in your face, a brilliant sun up above, and majestic peaks and stately evergreens at your back. End the day in a steaming hot tub while your breath cools into clouds around you. Yet winter isn't the only time to enjoy a mountain vacation. Summer on the summit will take your warm-weather adventures to a whole new level. If you're not the adventurous type, spend your days enjoying outdoor concerts and festivals. Throughout the year, stroll through the picturesque villages and historical towns below the mountains, pick up the pace on an incredible wildlife tour, or sign up for a photography class and capture the indescribable beauty of your surroundings. MOUNTAINMAGIC FOUR SEASONS OF ENDLESS

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