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v i k i n g c r u i s e s . c o m . a u 47 Embark on an unforgettable 15-day journey… Every Viking itinerary is designed to immerse guests in the history and culture of each destination, but the 15-day Cities of Antiquity & the Holy Land ocean cruise is undoubtedly ranked among our most enriching journeys. Sailing from Rome to Athens or vice versa, this itinerary covers the sacred sights of four remarkable countries — Italy, Greece, Israel and Cyprus. Some of the key highlights of this voyage include: N Cruise Overnight in Port Aegean Sea Crete Athens Rhodes GREECE ITALY ISRAEL CYPRUS Jerusalem (Ashdod) Limassol Haifa Mykonos Naples Rome (Civitavecchia) Ionian Sea Tyrrhenian Sea Mediterranean Sea Heraklion CITIES OF ANTIQUITY & THE HOLY LAND ROME – AT HENS or vice ver s a 15 DAYS I 9 GU I DED TOUR S I 4 COU N T R I ES SET SAIL OCT & NOV 2019; OCT - DEC 2020 FROM $6,695pp I N V ER A N DA S TAT ERO OM FROM $ 8 , 395pp I N PEN T HOUSE V ER A N DA DOUBLE YOUR EXPLORER SOCIETY DISCOUNT

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