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2 CREATE A LASTING IMPRESSION A vacation is more than just a temporary escape. It can be the culmination of a longtime dream as you finally see the incredible sights you've only ever imagined. A way to revisit a feeling by revisiting the place. It can represent a pivotal moment in your life or the dawning of a new adventure. That's why Travel Impressions has devoted over 40 years to making each and every vacation one that leaves a lasting impression. Our award-winning service, products and support are what have made us leaders in the travel industry, but our millions of satisfied customers are the reason we continue to provide impeccable quality and extraordinary products. We know you put your dreams in our hands when you book with us. No matter if you're planning a couples' retreat, small family vacation, large group getaway, or anything in between, we do our best to provide an experience that is nothing short of unforgettable. We'll make sure that all of the details are covered, from the planning stages to any changes after your reservation is made. With a portfolio of over 200 destinations, a wide selection of 2,400 resorts and hotels, and 1,350 luxury villas around the world, we have the resources and passion to help create a lasting impression. Because with every trip you take, you also take a little bit of your destination when you go … and leave a little part of your heart behind. PLAN LESS AND ENJOY MORE WITH A TRAVEL AGENT Truly get away from the hustle and bustle, the research and minutiae by letting a knowledgeable agent expertly handle all of your arrangements for you! Be sure to ask about additional amenities that may be available, such as spa treatments, golf outings, pre-booked tours, and all the other little luxuries that make travel so amazing. Your travel agent can help you navigate the best offerings, updates and more so that you can make the most of your travels. Whether that means land-only or air-inclusive packages, guided tours or rental cars for exploring the lesser known, Travel Impressions and your travel agent will work together to create a rewarding experience all your own.

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