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2015 TI Europe-Israel-Dubai

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These fine hotels are also available: GENEVA BEAU RIVAGE O O O O O MANDARIN ORIENTAL HOTEL DU RHONE O O O O O INTERLAKEN VICTORIA JUNGFRAU GRAND HOTEL & SPA O O O O O LUCERNE DREI KONIGE O O O O O GRAND HOTEL NATIONAL O O O O O ZURICH HOTEL SCHWEIZERHOF ZURICH O O O O Peace has long been the policy of this luxurious and majestic country; French-speaking Geneva's nickname is actually the "Capital of Peace." With the Matterhorn, dotted with skiers, in the distance and unbroken reflections of Zürich's modern financial buildings and Old Town art galleries in the lake, it's no wonder that a sense of well-being and neutrality have reigned above all else here. There is joy in simply being when walking on the cobbles of the capital, savoring cheese and chocolate, their flavors sharpened by the clean Alpine air, or perusing Zurich's 50-plus museums. And when wandering the narrow, storybook streets and covered bridges of Lucerne, every moment is one of pleasure. Timeless as it is, the tradition of keeping time is still treasured in Switzerland. The cuckoo clock was invented here, which has since evolved into upmarket watches that epitomize prestige. This penchant for precision is likely one of the reasons 21 Nobel Prizewinners have emerged from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, but luxury is an arena in which the Swiss continue to excel—an interest that goes hand-in-hand with the renowned banking industry associated with the land. Upscale goods such as timepieces are a favorite buy of travelers to this country, as are international brands along shopping avenues like the Bahnhofstraße in Zürich. But at night, the genteel composure of this city gives way to an incredibly vibrant nightlife, pulsing with the electronic beats of techno that end only when you decide to leave. HOTEL CONTINENTAL BY MGALLERY O O O O Hotel Continental offers a stylish atmosphere and Swiss hospitality, enjoying a central location, with the Swiss National Museum, the Grossmünster and the famous Bahnhofstrasse shopping street nearby. Upon entering the hotel, you will b immediately taken with the cozy atmosphere and the rustic elegance. The entrance hall features a great fireplace and large armchairs, imitating the warmth and coziness of a traditional Swiss chalet. The urban Swiss rooms combine the charm of traditional elegance with modern simplicity. ZURICH SWITZERLAND A U S T R I A I T A L Y F R A N C E G E R M A N Y L. Leman Boden See L. Thun L. Brienz L. Neuchâtel L. Zurich L. Maggiore L. Como L. Lucerne Zurich Geneva Davos Bern Luzern P E N I N E A L P S B E R N E R A L P S L E P O N T I N E AL P S R haeti an Alps A l p s E n g a d i ne J U R A M T S . S W I T Z E R L A N D Interlaken 0 30 miles 0 30 km 66 Switzerland

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