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2015 TI Europe-Israel-Dubai

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ITALY 2 10 111 99 803 Sardinia Sicily Capri SWITZERL AND FRANCE AUSTRIA SLOVENIA HUNGARY CROATIA SERBIA BOSNIA- HERZEGOVINA I T A L Y Rome Mediterranean Sea Adriatic Sea Ligurian Sea Tyrrhenian Sea Ionian Sea Milan Venice Florence Naples T u s c a n y U m b r i a Sorrento C a l a b r i a Positano Taormina Palermo Rapallo Liguria Bologna 0 200 miles 0 200 km Lake Region 26 Italy A country that hardly needs introduction, the landscapes, history, culture, and cuisine of Italy have nonetheless inspired many —in song, literature, paint and on plate. A diverse landscape promises that no visit could possibly be long enough, with magnificent mountains to be conquered, rolling hills and vineyards to unwind in, ancient cities and sideways alleys to get lost in, and warm Mediterranean beaches to doze on. With so many distinct regions, each with a special character its own, to visit any part of Italy is to fall in love with only one part of a soul. Inspired by the stirring beauty of this country, the cradle of the Renaissance, artists such as Michelangelo, da Vinci, Botticelli, Titian, Raphael, and Bernini all created masterpieces here, many of which can still be found in cities throughout Italy. Astounding architecture—some even older than Western civilization as we know it—monumental palaces and squares, elaborate fountains, daring fashion, authentic tastes of one of the most popular cuisines in the world, and some of the finest wines on earth…the manmade treasures of Italy are the only ones that come close to rivaling its natural ones.

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