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A L BA NI A THESSALY EPIRUS Aegean Sea T UR K E Y STEREA ELLADA Athens Gulf of Corinth Saronic Gulf cl Ionian Sea Mykonos Cy PELOPONNESE Piraeus Patmos a de s Thira (Santorini) 0 miles Rhodes 100 Sea of Crete 0 km 100 Mediterranean Sea Crete GREECE The glorious land called Greece is the cradle of Western Civilization – the majestic home of much of the classical art, literature and culture that we now treasure. It is where the Classical and Byzantine worlds met and began, to create the world we know today. Here in this wonderland of myths and legends, and the birthplace of the Olympics, one may revel in a spectacular place whose natural beauty contributes to the richness of the history that permeates it. If you take the opportunity to hike Mount Olympus, you'll feel as though you're walking with the gods. Beauty and history are only two parts of the perfect equation here, with a third being modern Greek culture. Brimming with delectable cuisine and gracious people that exude all the warmth of their sunny Mediterranean climate, you'll feel an instant affinity for Greece the moment you step onto its welcoming shores. In Athens, you'll discover a city that has risen up around the overpowering presence of its past, with the majestic Acropolis standing high above the city like a beacon for the world to see. At the ancient Herodes Atticus Theater, one can take in an artistic performance the way Athenians did 2,000 years ago. Countless museums and exciting nightlife complete the picture of this awe-inspiring destination. But as you journey amongst the astonishing Greek Isles – Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes and Crete – you'll be enraptured by the tranquil beauty, whitewashed buildings and shimmering blue seas that seem to take away all of your real-world cares. You'll be left with a sense of calm that will last long after you leave this enchanting destination. Greece 61

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